Hunters TPK Arena

The Adventure Begins

So we get into a bar fight, just because we are that awesome, and in the process we save a man named Grevan. His task was to look for “volunteers” to help with the evil Char cult.

We decide to take on the challenge and proceed to Winterhaven to investigate further, and are immediately ambushed by several Kobolds. We arrive in Winterhaven, and naturally the first place we go to is the tavern. We meet several people who have no clue about this cult, or even believe it exists. hmm that just makes our job a lot harder.

We learn that kobold heads is a commodity in this town, and with Terry’s keen salesmanship, we start out making a tidy profit in this endeavor.

Our first mission was to investigate an old dragon burial site, and in defeating many foes we come upon a strange medallion of which none of us can decipher the writing.

We next decide to take on a kobold hideout, since our new profession is dealing in kobold heads. Defeating the inhabitants of the caves, we spend the night. From defeating the kobold leaders, and potentially entering another profession of slave trading, we find out that there is a trader in Winterhaven. We return to Winterhaven for some much needed rest.


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