Valthun The Seer

The sage of Winterhaven


Valthrun is a sage and scholar who lives in the a tower within Winterhaven’s walls. Valthrun is knowledgable about the area, though his knowledge doesn’t run particularly deep and he knows nothing of the death cult’s activities.

After researching his library he has learned that the Shadowfell keep was once called Keegan Keep after the Cormyreen Purple Dragon Knight that was once the commander, Sir Jerold Keegan. It was believed that the keep was built on that location because 12 centuries ago a great shadow dragon named Shadraxil was defeated and imprisoned in a rift leading to the Shadowfell.

Sir Keegan, it is said, went mad and slew his family, all the men under his command, and then himself. Rumor has it that the keep is full of ghosts and other undead. If there is a cult of Shar in the area, it would make sense since upon further research, Valthun learned the Shadraxil was a vassal of the dark goddess Shar. Whatever they plan they must be stopped.

Valthun The Seer

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